Management, Easy, Right?

It’s not the same job!

  • forget all about the DRY principle
  • you actively don’t want to follow the SRP
  • maybe you can think of yourself as a DI container

Your Middle Position

  • as a developer you’re between the requirements and the computer
  • as a manager you’re between humans and more humans


  • it changes your friendships
  • sometimes people suck
  • even more than Javascript
  • sadly, people are not code


  • learn the pain points of your boss
  • same thing for the people reporting to you
  • you want to be “the good guy” in both directions

Humans (again)

  • praise in public
  • adjust in private

About You

  • don’t let it go to your head
  • but don’t be too meek either

What value are you adding?


  • set a base for quality
  • do code reviews
  • boyscout contest
  • consistency and automation


  • manage outside the system (Trello!)
  • no estimates over 3 days

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