August 2017 – Present
New Jersey

Dev Manager / Lead Developer


Responsibilities include:

  • Hiring, Managing, and Mentoring full stack developers
  • Designing, Building, and Maintaining custom software and sites
  • Build and Deployment Automation
  • Setup and Maintenance of AWS infrastructure
March 2009 – October 2016

Dev Manager / Lead Developer

DMi Partners

Responsibilities include:

  • Hiring, Managing, and Mentoring .NET developers
  • Designing, Building, and Maintaining custom software and sites
  • Build and Deployment Automation
  • Requirements Gathering, Project Management and Deliverable Accountability
April 2005 – March 2009

Senior Technical Architect


Responsible for building custom software to aid clients such as Nestle, Kraft, and Perdue, while also building common tools and architectures for other developers on my team and other teams to use in their work.
October 1996 – November 2004

Director of IT

J. G. Wentworth

This is where I got my big break. What a title for a nobody right? I was in the right place at the right time and was blessed to be sought out by this company back when it was just exploding in size and revenue and they knew they couldn’t run the company just on Excel spreadsheets and an Access database using IT consultants anymore.

While I was most directly involved with software development, I was also responsible for everything from phone systems, building electricity, networking, server maintenance - everything electronic. This was when “the web was born” and I was a big believer in it. Massive amounts of CGI was built and later converted to ASP, and when ASP.NET was born… wow!

Responsibilities include:

  • Hiring and Managing all IT Staff
  • Mantenance and Admin of all Technology (Phones, PCs, Mainframes, More..)

Recent & Upcoming Talks

It’s great! But it has its challenges…

Advice from your manager’s perspective…

It’s really a good thing, I promise!


I have a full-time job and I’m very happily employed. But that doesn’t prevent me from taking side jobs just to keep my experience and perspective fresh.

I’d never commit to a project that would prevent me from fully supporting my employer, but the following types of projects are very welcome:

  • Speaking at your event or user-group meeting
  • Developer training and mentoring
  • Small website development, hosting, and maintenance
  • Consulting on workflow automation and process improvement
  • Helping your church with any technology matters

Finally - I have lots of friends in the business. If I can’t help you, maybe I know someone who can. Let me know!